Anafae was a graphic novel series envisioned by Monica Richards of Faith and the Muse fame, based on a short story she entitled “Spring”. We began this project in 2005 and finished Book 3 in 2009 in time for Dragon•Con of the same year where it debuted.
My role in the development was helping to plan the frame cells and contribute story ideas. The covers were my work, as well as some plates inside, with Monica’s direction, and I colorized all 3 books and prepared them for print.
The graphic novels tell a story about what if Mother Nature visited the Earth as an Otherworldly woman. The premise is – If Mother Nature walked the Earth, What would she see? What would Se do? The tale unfolds as she travels and discovers what led to the effective sterilization of the planet and the demise of mankind.
You can visit Monica Richard’s website here:
This was a self-published series. Still available for print on demand here: 
(sorry, I am not sure where to get Book 3 anymore)
Logo intended for Bumper stickers
Graphic Novel
Graphic Novel

Title plate from Book One. The original drawing was inked and scanned into the computer, then shaded in Adobe Photoshop. It was some months after we decided to make it full color, and use it for the actual cover (Seen above)

Graphic Novel

Book 2 cover artwork details better shown. Again, drawn in pencil, then inked and colorized in Adobe Photoshop. The double helix hinted at shows the currents of energy in its own sort of dance, filled with life and the flame of the spiritual force that Mother Nature could encompass.

Graphic Novel

“Emergence” as the character Anafae emerges from the ground. On the right is the scan of the inked drawing I did before painting in Adobe Photoshop. This piece has been featured in a couple of other prints and books since we made the graphic novel series.

This was never used, but the idea was a play on the Goddess theme of Diana the Archer, the animals are symbols in this vein.

Here are three videos I made to promote the series as we did them. Adobe Photoshop was used for the first one. Then I incorporated Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro for the last two.