Multi-media Integration
Multi-media Integration

Integrating videos into your website is a great way to engage your website visitors and improve search engine rankings, along with getting your focus message across in multiple ways visually and audibly. It is the best format to deliver your message quickly and complement your website content along with strengthening your marketing potential. Of course, there are many other reasons such as giving your company a personality and bond with your visitors, it also helps you stand out from your competition and be remembered. 

YouTube or Vimeo 

A great way to share a video is through the use of YouTube and Vimeo. It can easily be embedded and allows you to take your video and post it on a web page. The advantage of Vimeo is that it does not push ads and it is geared towards content engagement, compared to embedding YouTube videos which do include advertisements and often when the video comes to an end will show a list of other related videos which are not always yours. Though on the upside for YouTube you do get more potential exposure and hits. So it is always wise to have both. One we recommend for the website and the other for outside exposure.


As for audio streaming to your website, we suggest Soundcloud. It is the world’s leading social sound platform where anyone can listen to or create sounds and share them everywhere. You not only get to integrate the files into your website but it also can be listened to and shared directly from Soundcloud itself. Also, a great way to replay radio shows and interviews.

Whatever your reason is it seems to be a winning addition to any website. We also offer video editing service if needed.