Social Media Integration is a perfect example of using social media live feed

  • Ability to connect with other people all over the world

  • Easy and instant communication

  • Real-time news and information

  • Great opportunities for business

No matter what way you look at it, social media is a true technical revolution. People seem to always be connected to these platforms, be it via computers or mobile devices and now even watches. From a business perspective, this is just pure gold and means you can have access to your customers or potential customers that have never before been available. Social media is a must-have for any businesses today.

Social share from your website

Enable your website users to share your blogs, posts, and articles from your website to Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin and more by integrating social share to your pages. This will allow your site content to be seen not only on your website but also on these platforms and drive customers back to read more. This also gives you a glimpse into what your potential customers are interested in and what is not performing so well. This allows you to narrow your focus on what works best for you towards boosting social traffic and sales. 

Social share to your website

Did you know you can share your live feeds directly from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to your website?  This allows you to keep fresh content appearing on your site as you update on your social platforms. All of this without the need to call your web developer to add this free content. For example, you are out at an event and sharing your pictures on your social media platform or perhaps posting a live video feed which is shared live on your website at the same time. How great is that? This is something that could really help keep your website looking fresh with little or no additional cost.