Brochure websites
  • Small business friendly

  • Cost effective

  • Cannot change content easily.

Brochure websites are a standard by small businesses that have a limited budget and of those who rarely make changes to their website content. They have a long shelf-life.

As a small business owner, you should be aware that a brochure website is merely a “snapshot” of the goods and services that your business renders. This kind of website might contain content and navigation pages such as:

Main Default Page: (front page of your website)

About Us Page: A bit about your company. 

Services Page: This would be just an overview of what your business offers.

Location Page: You might want to inform people where your business is located, with directions, maps, etc.

Contact Us: Standard contact form where people can inquire for more information.

View an example of a brochure style website design visit:

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